The Adventure Pals on Kickstarter

2016-07-28 13:52:04 by JayArmstrongGames


After 3 years of development, The Adventure Pals is now on Kickstarter!

Check out the video and campaign page, pledge to get some awesome swag, and please help us by sharing the word around <3

The Adventure Pals on Kickstarter:

Anyone who has followed The Super Adventure Pals knows how much hard work has gone in to this new game. It would mean the world if you'd check out the campaign and back us. Thank you! :)

Why you'll love it:

  • Hyper-Realistic Giraffe Physics.™
  • Over 100+ levels, including towns, and interesting things.
  • At least three semi-okay puns. 
  • Play with your friends on local 2 player co-op play.
  • A retrospective look on Hot Dogs.
  • Immersive story and lovable characters

Super Adventure Pals

2012-07-23 15:46:26 by JayArmstrongGames

6 months hard slog and its finally here!

Coming to Newgrounds soon.
Play it here

Ultimate Arena Extreme

2012-05-19 04:39:41 by JayArmstrongGames

Combat Hero Trailer

2011-05-23 13:25:59 by JayArmstrongGames

Super Wicked Awesome out on Addicting games!

2011-02-27 19:03:26 by JayArmstrongGames

It's finally here ladies and gentlemen: cked-awesome-game.html

Enjoy and drop me a comment

Super Wicked Awesome out on Addicting games!

Super Wicked Awesome on the way!

2011-01-06 09:36:51 by JayArmstrongGames

Happy new year!! Hope everyone had a brilliant time, I've got some good news :D
Alright gang- Super Wicked Awesome is nearly here! Until then enjoy this trailer:

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Also, I started a blog:
So keep an eye on it for news and commentary!